Nanhai District of Foshan City, Long shark ware factory, located in the country's largest sanitary ware production base - Foshan, Guangdong province, the company in order to create high quality of life for the mission. 
Pioneering and innovative, creative design and excellent quality ...... 
Main services: 
Production, management and sales of various types of stainless steel bathroom cabinets, stainless steel shower panel, stainless steel bathroom products, bathroom 304 
Nambour Wan concept: 
For the pursuit of quality and there are "young" dynamic groups, 
Sanitary ware products in the pursuit of practical at the same time to care ...


Nambour Wan bathroom to "spread China 
Excellent bathroom culture, to create an international national sanitary 
Bath brand "for the corporate vision, to" sacrifice green ring 
Paul's high-quality products, to create a healthy warm bath life 
For the enterprise mission. 
Nambour square bathroom adhering to the "people-oriented, honest to the truth of the heart" business philosophy, artistic highlight trends and classics, by creating the perception of life and love, the interpretation of the new bathroom experience, interpretation of brand new content. 
Nambour Wan bathroom - by virtue of superior product quality, perfect service system, innovative business model, advocate green consumption, green shared environment, savor the warmth of life, Nambour Wan continues efforts.
9 big advantage to join 
1, strong product design and development capabilities, regularly launch new products. 
2, selected materials, fine workmanship, reasonable prices, excellent value for money. 
3 Affiliate whole nanny services, from storefront location, design, decoration, 
      Spear opening promotion services such as full track. 
4, the terminal stores sophisticated sales training support. 
5, the strict implementation of regional protection policy to ensure that the interests of partners. 
6, large efforts, many forms of brand promotion support. 
7, major efforts renovation costs and sample fee support. 
8, flexibility and fast market promotion policy support. 
9, efficient and convenient service support system.


Adhere to the differentiation competitive strategy, to provide consumers with the value from “ ” to the value ” excellent products, the core concept of number one bathroom,
The bathroom only semi-finished products, only coupled with each customer personalized design scheme can be called bathroom products,
So that each consumer can experience from the number one bathroom to different bathroom decoration style, warm feelings of life from the number one bathroom green.

Fashion, often because of song.

Every product we have spread,
A beautiful view,
Those originating from fashion country music, texture and layers, reduced
And colorful, romantic and poetic
One one these are the beauty we fashion,
Along with the time scale and those who praise and reward by Song people,
To become eternal image bathroom space.

Number one advocated to the United States,
Not only beautiful, but also to the United States,
Is the harmonious unification of aesthetic and psychological experience.



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